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Institute Info

The Institute’s planning for establishment started from 2009, which won the approval by the Ministry of Education in June 2012. The Institute opened up a preparatory office in August the same year, and it has been officially set up in August 2013. The Institute is the first graduate institute for studies in visual cultures in Taiwan. The academic position of our institute aims to break the traditional field boundaries among photography studies, film studies, history of art, visual sociology, and technology studies. Our research focuses on the modern period from the 17th century to present, seeking to do interdisciplinary integrated studies of Asian, Sinophone (including Taiwanese, Hong Kong, and Chinese) and European/American visual cultures.

To provide Taiwan academia with an innovative institute that incorporates these major visual cultures, the Institute aspires to face up to the age of visual cultures in Taiwan. In addition, it provides the society with talents masterful of visual cultures that are much needed today, and connects with the global trend where notable academic institutions for studies in visual cultures over Europe and the States have been set up continually in last two decades.