Category Title Date
Lectures 【視文所演講公告】電影展覽:補時論的錄像藝術(主講人:孫松榮Song-Yong SING [國立臺北藝術大學電影創作學系,藝術跨域研究所合聘教授])
Lectures [IVS Lecture Announcement] Through the Lens of Cultural Icons: Translocal Relations, Community Building, and Shared Experiences (Speaker: Helena Wu [Assistant Professor, Hong Kong Studies and Asian Studies, University of British Columbia, Vancouver])
Lectures [IVS Lecture Announcement] #MeToo in Transnational China after Harvey Weinstein (Speaker: Gina Marchetti  [Chair, Department of Humanities and Media Studies Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, New York])
【視文所演講公告】圖像、歷史與哲學反思:談《詞與物》後的委拉茲奎斯研究(主講人:王瑞婷 [中央大學藝術學研究所助理教授])
Lectures 【視文所演講公告】烏托邦的虛擬考古學:《健忘村》的場面調度與政治寓言(主講人:謝世宗 [國立清華大學台灣文學所教授])
Lectures 【線上演講公告】漫畫的拓撲文法(主講人:張淑麗[國立成功大學外國語文學系特聘教授])
Lectures 【視文所線上演講公告】香港合拍片之前世今生(主講人:王潔瑩[國立陽明交通大學視覺文化研究所助理教授])
Lectures [IVS Lecture Announcement] Image--Interface--Computing: The Historical Development of Digital Image Ontology (Speaker: Professor Chih-Yung Aaron Chiu, National Tsing Hua University Department of Fine Arts)
Lectures [IVS Online Lecture Announcement] Public-Spirited Self-Portraits: Tetsuya Ishida's Portrayal of Pathological Bodies in Modern Japan (Speaker: Professor Shun-Liang Chao, Department of English, National Chengchi University)
Lectures 【視文所演講公告】全球化與視覺轉向的時代:「圖」可以作什麼?(主講人:賴毓芝 副研究員 [中央研究院近代史研究所])