Klavier Wang
Name Klavier Wang
Academic Position Assistant Professor
Research Interests Hong Kong popular culture, Hong Kong film history, Visual media technology, Moving image archiving and preservation, Digital humanities, Museum studies, Social movement and social media
Office Tel No. 02-2826-7000 ext.67131
GitHub https://github.com/jyw321
NYCU Academic Hub https://scholar.nycu.edu.tw/zh/persons/klavier-wang
Academic Qualifications (學歷)
  • 2021    M.A. in Moving Image Archiving and Preservation (MIAP), Tisch School of the Arts, New York University 
  • 2015    Ph.D. in Communication, School of Communication, Hong Kong Baptist University 
  • 2013    Junior Visiting Fellow, Institute of Sociology, Academia Sinica 
  • 2011    M.Phil. in Communication, School of Communication, Hong Kong Baptist University 
  • 2009    M.A. in Global Communication, School of Journalism and Communication, The Chinese University of Hong Kong
  • 2008    B. B. A. in Public Relations, Sun Yat-sen University

Working Experience (經歷)
  • 2022.2 – date  Assistant Professor, Institute of Visual Studies, National Yang Ming Chiao Tung University, Taiwan
  • 2021.9 – 2022.2  Software Architecture and UI/UX Designer, Getty Digital, J. Paul Getty Trust, U.S.
  • 2021.6 2021.8  Film Restoration Assistant, Taiwan Film and Audiovisual Institute, Taiwan
  • 2021.1 – 2021.4  Audiovisual Archivist, Special Collections, New York University Libraries, U. S.
  • 2016.3 – 2018.8  Post-Doctoral Research Fellow, Academy of Hong Kong Studies, The Education University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong
  • 2014.3 – 2018.8  Adjunct Professor, University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Hong Kong Baptist University, The Education University of Hong Kong
  • 2015.9 – 2015.12  Senior Research Assistant, Department of Journalism, Hong Kong Baptist University, Hong Kong
Honours & Awards (榮譽與獎勵)
  • 2019-2021   “Hong Kong Scholar” Hong Kong Government Scholarship of Excellence Scheme, Hong Kong  
  • 2019-2021   Graduate Scholarship – Tisch School of the Arts, New York University, U. S. 
  • 2020            Universal Studios Preservation Scholarship – Universal Pictures,      U. S. 
  • 2020            Oliver Wendell Holmes Travel Awards – Society of American Archivists, U.S.
  • 2020            Lew Wasserman Scholarship 
  • 2017            “Young Scholar Award” European Association of Taiwan Studies
Journal Articles (期刊論文)
  • 2021 “Discovering, describing and digitising CCTV: Challenges and attempts of making New York Chinatown’s community television archive accessible”, Journal of Digital Media Management, 10 (1), 34-46.
  • 2017 “Mobilizing Resources to the Square: An exploration of Hong Kong's Anti-Moral-and-National-Education Movement”, International Journal of Cultural Studies, 20 (2), 127-145.
  • 2010 “Beyond information: The socio-cultural role of the Internet in the 2008 Sichuan earthquake”, Journal of Comparative Asian Development, 9 (2), 243-292.

Monographs (專書著作)

Book Chapters (專書論文)
  • 2021 Klavier Wang and Alice Lee, “Youth people’s media use and social participation in Hong Kong: A perspective of digital use divide”, in Morrell, E. & Rowsell, J. (eds.) Stories from Inequity to Justice in Literacy Education - Confronting Digital Divides (pp.110-129), London & CA: Routledge.
  • 2020 Klavier Wang and Stephanie Ng, “Our Little Twins Stars: Conglomerate-catalyzed cross-media stardom in the new millennium”, in Chik, A. and Fung, A. (eds.) Made in Hong Kong: Studies in popular music (pp.157-167), London & CA: Routledge.
  • 2020 Klavier Wang “China’s influence on Hong Kong’s entertainment industry: Lessons from film production”, in Fong, B., Wu, J., and Nathan, A. (eds.) China’s Influence and the Center-periphery Tug of War in Hong Kong, Taiwan and Indo-Pacific (pp.139-154), London & CA: Routledge.
  • 2018 Klavier Wang “Social Movement in Spotlight and in Congress: Hong Kong and Taiwan comparison”, in Cheng, E. & Yuen, S. (eds.) The Age of Social Movements: Trajectory of Hong Kong contentious politics (pp.159-178), Hong Kong: The Chinese University Press
  • 2017 Klavier Wang, Eliz Wong and Hope St. John, “Touching A Nerve: A discussion on Hong Kong's Umbrella Movement”, in Brown, G., Feigenbaum, A., Frenzel, F., & McCurdy, P. (eds.) Protest Camps in International Context: Spaces, Infrastructures and Media of Resistance (pp.109-134). Bristol, UK: The Policy Press.

Book Reviews (學術書評)
  • 2019 “Meeting Place: Encounters across cultures in Hong Kong”, The China Review, 19 (3), pp.186-189.
  • 2018 “Taiwan and the China Impact”, International Journal of Taiwan Studies, 1 (2), pp.402-403.
  • 2018 “Hong Kong in the Cold War”, The China Review, 18 (4), pp.155-157.
Conference Papers from the Last Five Years (過去五年發表之研討會論文)
  • 2022 “Hong Kong Co-Production Film under CEPA and Beyond: History, praxis and resistance in the field”, paper presented at Society for Hong Kong Studies Annual Conference: June 24-25.
  • 2021 “From Manhattan, with Awakening Voices of Asian Americans Research and preservation of 1970s Chinatown community media”, paper presented at the 25th SEAPAVAA (Southeast Asia-Pacific Audiovisual Archive Association) Annual Conference, online: June 23-25.
  • 2020 “‘We Won’t Move!’: Describing and Digitizing CCTV, Chinatown’s Public Access Television”, panel discussion at Association of Moving Image Archivists Annual Conference, online: Nov 17-20.
  • 2020 “Awakening Voices from Immigrants – Study of Asian CineVision in 1970s-80s New York Chinatown”, poster presented at Archives * Records 2020 – Society of American Archivists Annual Conference, online: August 3-7.
  • 2020 “Awakening Voices from Immigrants - Historical research and screening of CCTV programs from 1970s-80s Manhattan Chinatown”, paper presented at Orphan Film Symposium, online: May 23-27.
  • 2019 “Migrate to Taiwan from Hong Kong: A historical look into policy and media discourse” (co-author with Lee, P.S.), paper presented at North American Taiwan Studies Association Annual Conference, Seattle: May 17-19.
  • 2019 “Spiral of Forces, Tug of War: China influences in Hong Kong Film Industry under CEPA”, paper presented at International Communication Association Annual Conference, Washington D. C.: May 24-28.
  • 2017 “Legacy, Habitus, and Repertoires: A comparative study of anti-eviction movements in Hong Kong and Taiwan”, paper presented at European Association of Taiwan Studies Annual Conference, Venice, Italy: March 2-4.
  • 2017 “Multi-temporalities of Protest Songs in Hong Kong Umbrella Movement”, paper presented at American Association of Geographers Annual Conference, Boston: April 5-9.
  • 2016 “What Makes the Local Identity among Hong Kong’s Post-Hand-Over Vocal Youth”, paper presented at Association of Asian Studies Regional Conference, Kyoto, Japan: June 24-27.
  • 2016 “Dynamism of Media and Political Logics in Mediatization of Politics - Comparing social movements in Taiwan and Hong Kong”, paper presented at European Association of Taiwan Studies Annual Conference, Prague, Czech: March 28-30.

NSTC Reasearch Project (國科會計畫)
  • 2023.2.1 - 2025.1.31 The Missing Noise: Guerrilla video and guerrilla art by Asian in America in the 1960s-1980s.

Invited Talks & Lectures (受邀之公開演講與課堂演講)
  • Mar 2021 Invited lecture: “Hong Kong Cinema – History and trends of co-production”, School of Area Studies, History, Politics and Literature, University of Portsmouth, UK.
  • Dec 2020 Public book talk: “Hong Kong Popular Culture: Worlding Film, TV and Pop Music”, 2019/2020 Hong Kong Studies Annual Conference “Book-talk (1): New Book Series for Hong Kong Studies”, The Education University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong.
  • Oct 2020 Invited lecture: “Awakening Voices from Immigrants: Chinese Cable Television in 1970s-1980s New York Chinatown”, Communication Arts 950: Media, Diaspora and Migrant Imaginations, Department of Communication Arts, University of Wisconsin-Madison, Wisconsin.
  • Apr 2020 Invited lecture: “Researching and Archiving Asian American Grassroot Media”, CINE-UT 21 Television: History & Culture, Department of Cinema Studies, New York University, New York.
  • Jan 2018 Public talk: “"Be Militant or Tolerant? Social Movement Repertoire and Culture in Hong Kong and Taiwan”, Center for Taiwan Studies, School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS) University of London, UK.
  • Dec 2017 Public talk: “Workshop on Studying Hong Kong Popular Culture: The Current Status of the Field”, 2016/2017 Hong Kong Studies Annual Conference, The Education University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong.
Programming Languages (電腦編程語言)
  • Python, Bash, HTML, MySQL

Film Restoration Software & Audiovisual Editing Software (電影修復與影音典藏應用軟體)
  • Diamant, Davinci Resolve, Pro Tools, iZotope RX, FFmpeg, Adobe Premier, MediaArea, BagIt, ArchivesSpace, CollectiveAccess, Omeka